Entropic Communications, LLC’s ("Entropic") rich patent portfolio results from years of cutting-edge research, development, and significant investment that provided foundational technology and processes for the satellite television and cable television industries.

These inventions revolutionized how providers deliver signals to customer homes, distribute signals within customer homes, and send critical information back to the provider.

These inventions remain in widespread use today. Amongst the revolutionary technology includes but is not limited to:

Full Band Capture

Satellite Digital Channel Stacking

Remote Spectrum Analysis

Multimedia over Coax Alliance ("MoCA®") technology
(click here for more information on MoCA® technology)

These innovations are utilized by virtually every satellite and cable provider to deliver enhanced and expanded services to their customers, which in turn has increased revenue for these providers while also reducing costs. Click here for the history behind Entropic. The Entropic portfolio includes 298 patent assets across 80 different patent families (click here for a list of the patents in the Entropic portfolio). This portfolio covers various aspects of the provision of satellite and cable services and home networking, including MoCA® 1.0, MoCA® 1.1, MoCA® 2.0, and MoCA® 2.5. Information regarding MoCA® technology may be found here.

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