MoCA® technology is a standards-based layer 2 transport protocol enabling the distribution of data over existing in-home coaxial cabling. In other words, MoCA® technology is used as an in-home backbone to allow delivery of data from room-to-room without the need of hardwiring separate networking cables throughout a home or taxing existing Wi-Fi resources.

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MoCA® technology was co-developed by Entropic Communications, Inc. in the mid-2000s as a way to deliver digital video and other content through existing coaxial cable infrastructures in homes. MoCA® technology has many applications. For example, MoCA® technology can be used to augment existing Wi-Fi networks across long distances within a home by transferring network data between Wi-Fi hotspots using the existing coaxial network.

MoCA® technology is also used by cable and satellite providers to move data between cable equipment (e.g., an in-home DVR and secondary set-top boxes or to a cable modem). As the number of televisions in households increased and new features such as high-definition broadcasting and multi-room DVR were introduced, cable and satellite operators needed to find a way to move content from the central set-top box to various peripheral devices around the house. Historically, Wi-Fi offers insufficient bandwidth and reliability to deliver content to multiple set-top boxes consistently throughout an entire home. MoCA® technology offered cable and satellite operators a low-cost and labor-efficient way to distribute multimedia and data throughout a household via existing coaxial cables, providing a reliable connection to all locations within the home. MoCA® technology is used to a large degree by all the major satellite and cable providers to provide services such as whole-home DVR.

The importance of MoCA® technology and the pivotal role Entropic Communications, Inc. played are no secret to the industry (see, e.g., Globe Newswire, April 21, 2009, Globe Newswire, January 25, 2010, and Globe Newswire, January 6, 2011).

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